How To Take Control Of Your Immune System Safeguard Your Health
Take part in this 11 step program teaching you how to effectively get rid of stress and 
help your body enter into a deep healing state using purely natural and holistic means.
NOTE: This system is designed to compliment your existing treatment, but not replace it without your doctors supervision. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Let me ask you...

Are you one of the rare few who are truly happy with your health and life as it is right now? 

Do you wake up fully recharged

Have no aches and pains

Are living the life you feel you want and truly deserve

If you are then please leave this page now. The groundbreaking information I'm about to share may be of no use, and I'd rather not waste your time.

For the rest of you who may be suffering, from whatever ailment you have, read every word carefully. What I'm about to share can change your life for the better if you do exactly as it says.

The Alpha Healing System teaches you to reach deep alpha brainwave states at will. In this state you can speak directly to your unconscious mind and correct or enhance the function of your autonomic nervous system. You then learn how to rebuild your body to full fitness, giving you back the power to create more health, strength and happiness in your life.  ~ Niraj Naik

You Are Not Alone
If you’ve ever experienced any of the following you are not alone. At one point this was my daily existence...
  • Just getting out of bed to perform normal bodily functions is so unbearable you would rather be dead than alive
  • Your social life is nonexistent because you can not face the outside world. The stress of your condition and pain which comes with it each day forces you to hide away like a hermit 
  • Changing your diet to one which is supposed to be healthy is actually making you feel worse, leaving you exhausted as you truly don’t know what you should eat to regain your health
  • Even the medication which has been prescribed by your doctor is making you feel terrible. The list of side effects is actually worse than the symptoms of your illness, yet you are forced to take this medication without knowing if it is really making you well, all while feeling a whole lot worse
Is The Current Health Care System Broken?
Most health care professionals are truly amazing hard working people. Sadly the system lets them down.They may have perfectly good intentions, yet their outdated education lets them down.

Someone gave me this analogy about doctors:

A doctor is walking by the side of a river and every so often they see a person drowning. 

The doctor rushes to the rescue, performs CPR, gives them the kiss of life, and performs feats which look like miracles in saving the person’s life.
Then the doctor sees another person drowning soon after. They rush to the rescue again and save this person’s life. Then another and another, over and over.

Still the doctor simply carries on saving lives. Not for a second does the doctor think... 

"Who could be pushing all these people in the river?"
Surely if they found this out, they could stop everyone from drowning in the first place?

Unfortunately the education health professionals like doctors and pharmacists receive gives very little information on the root cause of disease. Yet, when you know the real cause, you can identify the cure.

I consulted some contacts I had in the pharmaceutical industry and they too were growing disillusioned with our health-care system. I started to find out some disturbing truths about the way the industry operates.
Corrupt to The Core?
Sadly the whole pharmaceutical industry depends upon pleasing its shareholders. These shareholders want profits as returns on their investment. 

This is big business to them, as a single patent on a new drug can bring in $4 or 5 billion dollars. 

When you think about it treating symptoms is the only way you can truly profit long term out of health care.
It is the only real way to have customers for life as a pharmaceutical business.
Modern Mechanised Medicine
Now do not get me wrong. I am not anti modern medicine or against the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Based on my own experience as a pharmacist, I believe there needs to be a balance between modern medicine and credible natural therapies (ones which are proven to work). 

Both have their role to play. 

The end result should always be; To treat the patient in least harmful way with the most effective method possible. Sadly this is where the modern medicinal system is failing.

It has become like a factory conveyer belt, with robotic doctors and pharmacists serving hordes of sick people one after the other. 

Modern medicine is like a machine and only profit is feeding it.
What's Wrong With This Script?

While working as a pharmacist, every day I witnessed people going home with shopping bags full of drugs yet never getting any better. And to make matters worse, the side effects of their prescriptions meant they needed more and more drugs! 

It’s a dangerous vicious cycle.

More drugs are needed to treat the side effects of the first drugs while you are never really cured of your original illness. Nor is any deep thought even given to the actual cause.
Why Mechanics Shouldn't Run Pharmacies
Adding insult to injury, it troubled me to watch the community pharmacy business being overtaken by massive supermarket chains and corporations.

I had a boss who had previously worked for Halfords (a car mechanic), and he had no clue about medicine. He was trying to manage the pharmacy like a for-profit enterprise, constantly yelling at me to sell more medicines to people who didn't need them. 

Even back then I could already sense something was wrong my life... 

So began my journey of learning about natural ways to prevent and cure illness rather than just treat symptoms like drugs do. 
Why You Should Never Give Up
Finally it seemed the broken healthcare system had turned itself on me, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I researched night and day for a cure for my illness. Studying countless medical journals, uncovering the latest discoveries into conditions like mine.

I gathered a multitude of sources, including miraculous stories of recovery. 

Some research seemed outside the realms of possibility. While I viewed it with a sense of skepticism I was open minded enough to consider all potential cures.

(When you’re suffering from chronic illness you need to be open to all chances of healing, especially when mainstream health has already failed you.)

What I eventually uncovered changed my perception of the world around me. I began to piece together a system which, in just a few short months, led me to a remarkable recovery. 

If I had given up hope I may not have been here to show you how to heal. When you recover you also have the chance to change someone else's life with the knowledge you have gained.

When you follow along with what I share below you will find out what it really takes to heal yourself and others.
Can you imagine what it’s like 
to be suddenly cured?
Imagine suddenly coming out of a chronic illness and experiencing this...
  • You are excited to get up each morning as all the pain and anguish has gone. You awake recharged with vigour and a lust for life which gets better each new day
  • Your social life is thriving and you can go anywhere and do all the things you want to do, any time, and without hesitation. No longer do you think about your past condition or the stress it once gave you. You are free and your life is amazing
  • You eat a perfectly balanced diet which nourishes you and makes you feel alive. No longer do you care about calories or weight control. You eat what makes you feel amazing and you eat enough to be satisfied without even thinking about putting on weight, or if you will feel its effects the next day
  • You are completely free from the medication prescribed by your doctor. No longer do you feel drained or depressed from the bags of medication you used to take. You are free from the shackles of pills and prescriptions. Free from the side effects and the costly bills which go with them. 
This is now my situation and it can be achievable when you follow the system I have discovered using the research I share with you below.
First, Let Us Be Clear
It’s likely you are here because you have some chronic illness you wish to get rid of. You’ve been told there is no cure and you have to take medication the rest of your life. Maybe your condition isn’t as bad as this? Maybe it’s worse? 

Whatever your situation is, it hurts. I know the pain. I’ve been there. Yet despite everything mainstream medicine told me I found a way to cure myself and now others in similar situations.

However before we go any further there are some things we need to be clear on. 

If you are looking for:

A mystical miracle cure, where you do nothing and expect to be healed. Or a magic potion or elixir which will cure all your ailments in minutes…

Then I can not help you.

If you are suffering from:

Multiple organ failure and have been hospitalized.

Then seek professional medical advice. 

The system I share is related to my own research as a pharmacist. My experience with recovery and the selected experiences of those who have had what they consider miraculous recoveries are no replacement for professional medical advice. 

In serious cases like this emergency medical care can help stabilise your symptoms so you can be well enough to test out this system, but always consult with your doctor.

If you are not willing:

To make easy lifestyle changes including simple food swaps and easy exercises which take a few minutes each day then you may as well stop reading. 

What I require from you is some effort and this effort also requires courage.

However when you put in the effort and show the courage needed to face your challenges the rewards of healing will return to you many times. 

You will experience a renewed feeling of health as you take back your life from the illness you currently have.

Wouldn’t you rather learn from people who have actually recovered from chronic illnesses without medication or surgery? 

People who are living life to the full, rather than overworked, tired ‘health care’ professionals who blindly follow the same broken system without questioning the root cause of all this pain and suffering?

“If you want to be successful at something, find others who are already successful at what you want to achieve, then model what they do, and you will get the same results, or even better”

Jim Rohn ~ entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

First Do No Harm
The oath doctors swear by when they first start their education is known as the Hippocratic Oath. 

It states ‘First do no harm’. 

This means before attempting to use any invasive method of treatment, including one which may cause serious side effects, you should try every method possible which does no more harm to the patient.

Scholars widely believe Hippocrates, a classical Greek physician (and often called the father of medicine in Western culture) wrote the oath.

Sadly modern medicine seems to be losing this philosophy of 'no harm'.

There are many other quotes about healing linked to Hippocrates, yet this one below stands out for what I’m about to share.
“Natural forces within us are 
the true healers of disease.”

Hippocrates ~ The father of western medicine

Unlock Your Internal Medicine Cabinet
Did you know the the world's best 'pharmacy' already exists inside you?

Your body already makes highly intelligent sophisticated versions of every single drug you will find in your local pharmacy. Everything from anti-inflammatories, pain killers, sleeping pills, blood pressure regulators and even anti-cancer agents.

By understanding how to control this incredible natural intelligence of your immune system you can take full advantage of this internal 'pharmacy'.

Unlocking this internal medicine cabinet is by far the most natural and effective way for you to care of your health. 
A Doctor’s Shocking Revelation
In my search for a cure, I discovered one natural doctor who had great results curing his patients.

He gave me this shocking piece of information: Your body builds…
  • A new brain in 1 year...
  • New blood in 4 months...
  • A new liver in 6 weeks...
  • A new lining of your stomach and gut in 5 days...
  • New skin in 1 month!
You literally get a “second chance at health” every day of your life!

The doctor then went on to explain, even though the body possesses this incredible power, most people continue to suffer from the same problems of aging; debilitating disease and illness, simply because they continue to recreate the same body with the same unhealthy food, lifestyle choices and negative thinking.

This completely undermines your bodies natural ability to heal itself.

At first I shunned this off as some made up quackery. Then I discovered an article which backed up some of his claims:
Your Body Is Younger Than You Think

Whatever your age, your body is many years younger. In fact, even if you're middle aged, most of you may be just 10 years old or less.

This heartening truth, which arises from the fact that most of the body's tissues are under constant renewal, has been underlined by a novel method of estimating the age of human cells. Its inventor, Jonas Frisen, believes the average age of all the cells in an adult's body may turn out to be as young as 7 to 10 years.

Like the doctor had said, everything in your body was in constant state of renewal. 

It became obvious, if your body is going to be rebuilding itself anyway then it also has a chance to heal from any illness. And if you are going to be rebuilding yourself on autopilot, it makes sense to give yourself the best nourishment you can find to aid this process.

And while I go into detail on the nutritional discoveries I made below, be aware of this; changing diet alone is not enough to heal you. When I talk of nourishment here I mean both mentally and physiologically. 

Now let’s explore how healing begins.
About Niraj
Fellow Health Seeker

My name is Niraj Naik. I’m a qualified pharmacist and world renowned independent medical researcher who regularly helps people overcome chronic illness and disease. 

Conditions they were once told are ‘incurable’ by their trusted medical advisors, are now being abolished as they regain their health and experience the new freedom which comes from healing.
Niraj Naik - MPharm,
Pharmacist and Medical Researcher
I've given talks and lectures on health in the UK and my video on cholesterol is one of the highest viewed on YouTube.
A Victim Of Chronic Illness
Even though I’m now helping people back to health, I was once a victim of a chronic illness suffering under the same system I used to serve as a pharmacist.One which mistakenly keeps people in ill health without ever finding out or treating the real cause.

You see just 3 short years ago I cured myself of a chronic agonising illness which had left me housebound for over 10 months, losing 20 kilos in weight and bleeding from the backside 15 times a day.

Before this I had been told by my trusted doctor I may need to face having my entire colon removed and replaced with a permanent colostomy bag, if a new ‘untested’ drug failed to work.

And while I don’t know you or your exact condition, I can tell you... I know what it’s like to wake up each morning dreading the day ahead, sometimes not even wanting to live.
Another Wrong Diagnosis
The consultant doctor who first diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic immune system disorder, at the age of 32 told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life.

She also told me they did not know the cause of my condition, and there was no relief without medication.

I knew from my experience studying pharmacy, and treating patients in my practice where I had worked, there was more to treating illness than the use of medication alone.

Yet despite her diagnosis I still believe the doctor is not to blame. She was doing her job to the best of her ability and knowledge. It’s the system she is working in where the problem lies.

A Complete System For Healing
When you combine all the healing methods I discovered; from self hypnosis, the use of positive affirmations,  sounds, music and ancient breathing techniques to control the alpha brainwave state, you can produce a very powerful subconscious rewiring effect. 

Combined with my findings on exercise, nutrition and diet, the entire system dramatically boosts your immunity and forces your body to start the process of healing.
Based On Your Exact Needs
After interviewing many of my patients who had tried alternative treatments and failed I created the perfect solution for them. I devised a system which:
  • Works fast - with relief of symptoms as quick as popping a pain-killer
  • Has clear instructions - just like a prescription.
  • Has no harmful side effects - not like any drug!
  • Fits in with a busy modern lifestyle
A system which puts together a powerful roadmap ANYONE can use to awaken their inner potential for healing. Quickly easily and enjoyably.
The Alpha Healing System
The Alpha Healing System is a 5 step, 11 week program. Each step is designed to build on the other, as it systematically programs you to overcome any personal challenges and elevates your mind to a state of optimum self healing.

What you’ll experience in the 5 steps of the Alpha Healing System:

STEP 1: Prepare Your Conscious Mind For Change
The first and most important step is to prime your conscious mind for change.

Your conscious mind deals with rational decision making, it also acts like a filter for all the noise and information that bombards you all day long from your environment.

When used right your conscious mind is a powerful tool in getting the life you want. When you learn to take control of your conscious mind you can write positive programs into your unconscious mind that form empowered habits.

The Alpha Healing Manual

In this step you will find my entire Alpha Healing System explained in great depth inside an easy to read eBook with many scientific sources and inspirational stories to back up my method.
This is the manual that you must read and refer back to when starting the Alpha Healing System.

It is also filled with many tried and tested, practical lessons and daily exercises for self healing based on years of research.

STEP 2: Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind For Healthy Habits
The next step is to reprogram your unconscious mind healthier habits, and remove bad habits that are holding your back from healing.

I wanted to combine all the techniques I had personally used to do reprogram my mind like self hypnosis, meditation and brainwave entrainment, without you having to do any of the hard work. 

I want to give you some instant results, with least amount of effort possible.

The solution to this is using the latest breakthroughs in mind reprogramming technology to give your mind a mental upgrade!

Mind Restore Trypnosis Session

This powerful Trypnosis session is designed to help you get the deepest sleep ever, so you wake up to peak mental performance, feeling refreshed and super-charged.

STEP 3: Alpha Mind System - Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind For Healing
In this step you will begin to experience the immense healing power of your alpha brainwave state.

Level 1. Opening your mind to the Alpha level - Alpha Initiation

This is a 11 minute Trypnaural audio with a guided meditation from Dr Suren, a world renowned stress management expert, will begin the process of training your mind to achieve alpha states at will by actually taking you into a deep alpha meditative state. 

Just from this one session alone you will begin to feel a sense of well being and an awakening to more heightened states of relaxation and awareness.

Level 2. Entering the Alpha level at will - Finding Your Inner Bliss 

Now that your mind has become trained to the alpha state of awareness, this next step will give you a powerful system for being able to achieve the alpha state at will.

This means whenever you are feeling tense, stressed and want to relax, you will be able to in any situation immediately go into an alpha brainwave state.

So if you have difficulty sleeping, want a burst of inspiration or just simply want to chill out, you will now be able to enjoy the alpha state whenever you feel like it.

This natural ability is your true inner magic….

As this is a more advanced subconscious programming technique, it is a little longer than the initiation, lasting 30 minutes and bringing you true bliss from within.

Level 3. Healing From Within

A guided visualization meditation using NLP recorded over Trypnaural B.E session that is designed to help you awaken your own natural inner resources of self-healing.

Guided imagery is a meditative process that uses visualization and imagination to bring awareness to the mind-body connection.

In a relaxed state of mind you can more easily access the power of this healing process because you become naturally more imaginative.

When used with special trance music that get you into deep relaxed states this power is magnified. 

Your conscious mind becomes less attentive to outside distraction and you awareness rises.

When this music is laced with a special script of a vivid story you can more easily learn skills that help you to deal with stress, pain or difficult feelings. You tune out of the negative and focus more on the positive.

Guided imagery can help with specific issues like sleep problems and anxiety. It can also increase creativity and boost your immune system.

You can create new neural pathways and even reinforce positive behaviours using guided imagery.

Our brains can’t distinguish between real events and imagined ones.

Imagine yourself in a very difficult time like a heated argument…

Just this feeling alone will release stress hormones in your body. If however you focus on a uplifting experience or love for someone close to you, this will increase the levels of endorphins and serotonin.
In turn this will make you more relaxed and positive.

Using guided imagery you can encourage your mind to imagine positive healing experiences.

This can lead to healthier coping habits and new more empowering behaviours.

By focusing your intention on reaching your goals and creating a desired image of your life and yourself, you can rewire your brain to create new pathways that reinforce this behaviour.

This simple technique has been used for many years by trainers and success coaches to build self confidence and improve peak performance.

Level 4. Yoga Nidra

A full 30 minute guided Yoga Nidra meditation combined with Trypnaural brainwave entrainment (alpha/theta/delta) for manifesting your intentions.

If you are aware of the law of attraction, this ancient meditation technique is an ultra powerful method for harnessing its power.

The practice of Yoga Nidra, an ancient meditation technique from India, allows your mind to flow into a deep hypnotic state of deep alpha, theta and delta brainwaves.

It is also referred to as ‘Yogi Sleep’ – a state of lucid sleeping, when you are asleep yet your mind is still present.

In this state of deep meditation you can plant your intentions that program your unconscious mind.

Located in your brainstem at the core of your unconscious mind, is your reticular activating system and mastery over its function gives you more control over your own life, being able to attract more of the things you want and even invoke your own internal power for self healing.

This focuses the awareness of your reticular activating system (RAS) on the intention that you set.

For example if you set your intention to recover from chronic illness, your mind will focus more on creating behaviours that are beneficial to boosting your immune system.
STEP 4: Breathing Your Way Back To Healing
Learn To Boost Your Immune System Through Breathing

Now you will move on from listening to audios, to actually learning some practical techniques for boosting your immune system. 

This is my step by step guide to breathing yourself back to healing. This is based on the ancient breathing system called pranayama, and similar to the method developed by the Wim Hof who was proven to possess a superhuman immune system under scientific study.


How to correct your breath so that you can flood your body with vital oxygen.


An advanced breathwork exercise known as the Extended Exhalation that switches off your stress and guides you into an instant Alpha state of relaxation and healing.


A scientific prayer/healing affirmation that had a near miraculous effect on calming my nervous system and invoking a healing response.


A creative NLP visualization technique to enhance your inner healing powers


How to combine everything you have learned into a simple routine you can do to take you to optimum states of health and beyond
STEP 5: Bio-Hacking Your Way To An Optimized Version Of You
To Be Followed As Part Of The Exercises On Each Step

Here you will learn the fastest and most effective way to rebuild your body back to a better, healthier and happier version of your previous self.

From the principles you learn in Ayurveda you realize that it is better to know yourself first too before prescribing any one diet.

The amazing system found in Ayurveda help you to really understand who you truly are and what’s right just for you.

So, I came up with my own that is based on all three: Ayurveda, Paleo and SCD. I call this the Alpha Omega Diet.

My Alpha Omega diet plan takes into account the latest research on the enormous benefits of having a high consumption of Omega essential acid (especially Alpha Linolenic Acid – one of the reasons for the name the Alpha Healing System)

After this step you will be able to:

Uncover what the world’s longest living cultures know about not just living to 80, 90, even 100 years - but enjoying a sublime, pain-free, energetic quality of life all the way. 

Get the last diet, detox and cleansing advice you’ll ever need in The Pure Balance Program: a PDF book that brings together everything I know about nutrition as a qualified pharmacist (includes an easy recipe for my all-time favorite ultra nutritious Green Drink and the Alpha Omega Smoothie).

Find out exactly what foods are right for your condition using a simple quiz. I provide a guide to Ayurvedic eating, and some of my famous healthy shoppings lists and you get up to date information on the latest bio-hacks - advances in nutrition, exercise routines and techniques for creating a disease free body.

These tried and tested lifestyle hacks are designed to take 7 minutes or less to do, so you can fit getting healthy into your life no matter how busy your schedule may be.

1. Nutrition Hacks

Two recipes that will help you get all the nutrition you need for the day ahead. These taste great and take just a few minutes to make! Including cutting-edge bio-hacks that will give you the edge when healing yourself.

2. Exercise Hacks

Scientifically proven to be the most effective way to exercise for optimum health and it takes just 7 minutes a day to do, no need for the gym!

3. Sleep Hacks

This is a special blueprint for forming healthy sleep routines with proven techniques to take control of your sleeping habits and learn to properly relax
PLUS: Look At What Else You’re Getting
The Eye Of Revelation - 
Healing Secrets of Tibet's Hidden Fountain Of Youth

"How To Reverse Ageing In Just 10 Minutes A Day"

This forgotten manuscript dates from the 1940’s and tells the tale of Colonel Bradford who travelled to Tibet to discover the fountain of youth.

The story explains how he discovered 5 ancient exercises which were used by the tibetan monks to extend their lives. 
The five exercises are known as the Five Rites of Tibet. They are simple to perform, yet may hold the key to you living longer, looking younger and literally reversing the aging process in just 10 minutes a day. 

This ebook sells for at $19.99 on other websites, here you get it included with your access to Healing Harmonics.

I’ve even sourced the happiest yoga instructor I could find to create video instructions for you to perform the rites yourself with a value of $29.99 for the set.
And even more benefits for you only when you order today
I'm going to throw in some extra stress and disease busting products 100 percent free

Proven Home Remedies 

This is a list of proven home remedies that are alternatives for expensive pharmacy products for common ailments, like colds, flu, rashes, upset stomachs, verrucaes and anxiety, that I tested on my patients in the pharmacy with amazing results.

In fact this information is what got me fired once from my job as pharmacist, as everyone was going over the road to the local grocery store, buying things off my lists and curing themselves of common ailments, dropping the sales in my pharmacy and making my profit driven bosses angry!

Scientific AUM meditation

Elevate your state of consciousness and connect with your ‘higher self’ using a form of ancient technology that stimulates your pineal gland and boosts your inspiration & creativity for peak inner and outer performance.

Healing Harmonics - Ocean Meditation

The calming sound of the ocean can be like a natural sedative and is one of the most relaxing sounds you can enjoy. 

Recorded on location in Thailand, with sound healer Lifang Huang, the added tones of tibetan healing bowls provide a deep relaxing meditative experience. 

Simply put on in the background and let yourself drift into the sounds. 

When the timer runs out this special offer runs out, take advantage of this special offer price while you still can 
What Others Have To Say About 
The Alpha Healing System

"positive changes that my doctor’s thought to be impossible"

Niraj’s tools and techniques resulted in a massive improvement in my overall health and well-being. The sort of positive changes that my doctor’s thought to be impossible without the use of more powerful medications. Niraj’s insight and strategies were key for me in breaking past that place of doubt and stepping into a new life of health and happiness.
Christoper Kocurek

"He had the best night sleep ever !"

“hi there just wanted to share something with you – i have a 7 month old son who absolutely refuses to sleep well at night … finally i tried putting some of your music on , whilst he was in a drowsy state … believe it or not – he had the best night sleep ever ! – coincedence , maybe , but then we tried it for 4 nights continously and every night it worked. guys there may be something in this. Not only does he sleep much better when we play this but hes very alert and happy the next day ! thank you”

Dr R Singh

"I know I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to!"

Being in the Army I have endured the hardest stress of my life. I always knew deep within me that I was different. I saw this in everyone else around me. I knew I had to unlock the power within me first before I could help everyone around me. Even just last night I fell asleep listening to Trypnaural meditations and was forced to awaken feeling different parts of my brain opening, and parts I have never felt before! So I know I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to! So thanks Trypnaural!

Johnny Allen, USA Army
"Happy for the first time in 2 years"
I have P.T.S.D .from traning the troops God Bless them all.I had a bad fall shall i say with ther help of corse. I had brokening bouth wrists and thay missd up my left knee my right knee was all deady hurt but as a result its a lot wors know i need 2 todel knee replasments iam also dexlik so sorry for the spelling aftr lising to this i fell less stress iam not angery i fell at peace and centerd and vary light.thank u i will buy this am happy for the first time in 2 years

Elizabeth, USA

“A complete and total turn around for my son”

“ I am the mother of a 21 year old son, who has been suffering with bouts of severe ulcerative colitis for almost 2 years... I was stunned when I ran across Niraj, after reading his story and seeing the similarities between him and my son. I immediately bought his Alpha Mind program and introduced it to my son.

I wasted no time ordering the colostrum, making sure that I sought out the best quality possible (again, thanks to the information Niraj makes available, this was a breeze). It has been a complete and total turn around for my son - within a few weeks of taking the colostrum and diving a little deeper into different stress management techniques, he is a different person!

Thanks to Niraj and the courage he demonstrates by sharing his story so candidly, as well as his miraculous Alpha Mind program, I have my son back and I couldn't be more grateful! Since then I too, have also started using the Alpha Mind System with tremendous results - even my husband has shown an interest, after noticing the changes in both my son and myself. ”

- Brandi Eckert, Member

“AWESOME product MUCH higher quality than the MASS MARKET sellers of “spiritual” and stress relief stuff. IT WORKS”

Mike Evans, Member

"I have been around sound therapy for several years, first with Holosync , The Life Program and now Prescription Audio, you have by far the best presentation”

Don Mace, Member
Begin Your Healing Journey Today With The Alpha Healing System And Pay Much Less Than Other Health And Wellness Methods?
There are hundreds, (probably thousands) of experts touting all kinds of cure for disease. Very few really work, (otherwise, wouldn’t you have already heard of them working by now?)

Some of these experts will sell you on expensive ‘detox’ regimes and retreat’s with prices well in excess of $3000. Some cost upwards of $5000. 

Yet this doesn’t compare to the average lifetime cost of $109,541 for heart failure. Other medical conditions may not be as much, but the ongoing cost of health care and prescription medications really does mount up.

The Alpha Healing System will not cost you anything near this amount.

As this is a scientifically based product I’d like to make the findings of my research accessible to as many people as possible. I’d like to get more feedback so I can continue to explore further avenues for healing in this exciting new area of mind body health.

For now I’ve decided to put this healing system and research out there at a discounted price which is reachable for all. Because of this the cost is going to be a lot less than it should be.

(Also the bonuses which are included are only a part of this special offer and will not be available again once the offer ends)

I charge a lot more for personal health consultations, and I only do them when I actually get the time.

Of course you could always go on one of those detox retreats. If anything it would be a nice holiday. You will probably feel better for a while, yet will you have the knowledge and mindset to leave there and continue to live out your life in optimum health? 

Just like medicine and supplements, there is a huge reason the world of detox has become such a big industry. People return 2 or 3 times a year to get the benefits. Yet if they knew a few key things about healing they could have better health for the rest of their lives without the costly bills.

Or you could leave always your life in the hands of the failing medical system which could cost you even more.
Exclusive CLASS Bonus
Live Alpha Healing Induction Group Q and A
For fast movers of the Alpha Healing System, along with all the other bonuses we have added, we've decided to give you an extra special live Q and A session. 

You can ask anything related to the Alpha Healing System course and get 1 on 1 attention from myself and my team of experts. 

I rarely give people this kind of personal access and when I do I charge a minimum of $300 per hour. 

You will get direct access to me to ask anything you like as part of a special Alpha Healing Induction session.

This will be a group Q and A so you will get to know some of your other Alpha Healing Members and begin your journey with a support group of like minded people. This will help create a positive inspiring community and will propell you towards healing even faster.

You Won’t Even Pay Full Price
As mentioned earlier this is an improvement to the system I have used to heal myself and many others already. I wish to gain more feedback so I’m reducing the price. You get access to the entire Alpha Healing System. The total value of this package is in excess of $300


You also get access to the bonus Proven Home Remedies and Scientific AUM meditation, The total value of these 2 bonuses is $39.98

If you came to me for a health consultation it would cost around $500. This would be for 1 hour of my time. To give you a proper assessment and adequate personal follow up care you would need at least a budget of $1500

Detox and healing retreats are not cheap either. Multiple visits are often needed which can make costs mount up. You could easily spend 3 to 5 thousand dollars before you even felt a difference.

And the cost of lifetime medical care doesn’t even bare thinking about.

The value you get from a small investment in your health today will come back to you multiplied as you experience the joy of regaining your health.

Once I’ve got enough feedback on this improved system the cost will rise to at least $275. 

This is a fair price given the years I spent studying to become a pharmacist, the time I’ve put into researching the methods. Plus studying the nutrition, creating the music, sounds and frequencies needed to create the changes your body needs to heal.

Right now you get instant access to a ‘pre-release’ version of the Alpha Healing System.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to take advantage of a special offer instead of waiting to pay more then this offer is for you.

You certainly won’t be paying $5000 for a fancy detox retreat or even $1500 for a tailored healing plan. You won’t even pay the $500 for a 1 hour consultation. Right now it’s just $97. And this is lifetime access.

All I ask for in return is for your feedback once healed so I can further improve the system and help more people to recover from their illnesses.
Try The Alpha Healing System For 60 Days Risk Free

Finally you can experience the effect of deep healing. Healing which works on the cellular level, releasing health and wellness into your life. If after using the Alpha Healing System daily you are still experiencing your symptoms as you experience them now then you can ask for a full refund.

You have an entire 60 days to try The Alpha Healing System for yourself. Order today - see and feel the results for yourself - they are guaranteed.

Why Wait?
Why spend the next 60 days struggling when you can try the Alpha Healing System for yourself without risk?

The longer you wait the less likely it is things will change. This offer will have passed and the others who took advantage will be experiencing true health while your life remains the same.

Don’t let this happen to you. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can only access The Alpha Healing System here. No one else has taken the time to put together the research or develop the technology needed to give you the changes needed. 

So far only a select few have experienced the life changing results the Alpha Healing System can bring. You can be among the first to experience them for yourself at a vastly reduced cost.
Here’s what you get when you order
the Alpha Healing System today
You will be among the first to go through this highly improved version of the Alpha Healing System and experience the complete life changing, stress busting, Alpha brainwave technology to experience health and wellness on all levels. 

You will release emotional blockages which may be causing you undue stress and worry and you will experience a surge of positive energy creating massive change for you both mentally and physically. 

You will discover how to train your body to adapt to almost any stressful situation which in turn will set you on a path of healing, potentially treating what were once thought of as ‘incurable’ conditions.

The Alpha Healing Manual

Printable PDF - Value $29.99

Mind Restore Trypnosis Session

Audio Download - Value $19.99

Alpha Initiation Trypnosis Session

Audio Download - Value $19.99

Finding Your Inner Bliss Trypnosis Session

Audio Download - Value $19.99

Healing From Within Guided Meditation

Audio Download - Value $19.99

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Audio Download - Value $19.99

Breathing Your Way Back To Healing

5 Video Tutorials - Value $29.99

Nutrition Hacks

Printable PDF - Value $14.99

Exercise Hacks

Printable PDF - Value $14.99

Sleep Hacks

Printable PDF - Value $14.99
Alpha Healing System Value $204.90
Plus The Exclusive Bonuses
Healing Secrets of Tibet's Hidden Fountain Of Youth
Value $19.99
Video instruction of the 5 Rites
Value $29.99

Proven Home Remedies

Printable PDF - Value $19.99

Scientific AUM Meditation

Audio Download - Value $19.99

Healing Harmonics - Ocean Meditation

Audio Album - Value $9.99
Bonus Value $99.95
Total Value $304.85
Coupon Code CONSCIOUS11 Activated
Experience Alpha Healing Now For Only
$299 $147
You know this is the right moment to make the changes you want. You even have a full 60 day guarantee to feel renewed and excited ready to receive the healing you deserve.

Hit the buy now button and get instant access to your Alpha Healing System package in the next 5 minutes.

60 Day Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with our product, you can request a full refund and even keep the product, thats how confident we are that you will fall in love with it. Remember, you have nothing to lose, there is no risk involved, only massive life changing benefits to gain..
Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I sincerely believe you will feel an improvement in all areas of your life when you use the Alpha Healing System. I look forward to connecting inside the members area.

Niraj Naik, MPharm - Creator of the Alpha Healing System
More Amazing Feedback

YES! I am working again

I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis, any one of which can be debilitating. YES! I am working again and supporting myself after two years of not being able to. All this did not happen at once, so I would encourage people to have patience.
Pat B

It is great to feel this good again

I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Several months ago I was so tired, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. Then after about three weeks of doing this, I woke up one morning and I felt really good; it surprised me. I worked all day, walked a mile and a half and when I returned home I was even more surprised that I still had plenty of energy. It is great to feel this good again.
Renee P

I lost hope, until I discovered this 

My blood pressure was 165/119, I was on 3 different heart medications, the doctors and I lost hope, until I discovered this new method. Now I am back to full fitness and I am crushing it in business and my life.
Kyle C
Experience Alpha Healing 
Now For Only 
$299 $147
You know this is the right moment to make the changes you want. You even have a full 60 day guarantee to feel renewed and excited ready to receive the healing you deserve.

Hit the buy now button and get instant access to your Alpha Healing System materials in the next 5 minutes.

60 Day Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with our product, you can request a full refund and even keep the product, thats how confident we are that you will fall in love with it. Remember, you have nothing to lose, there is no risk involved, only massive life changing benefits to gain..
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