Research Backed Multi-Sensory Technology Effortlessly Exercises Your Brain Like A Muscle Helping It Stay Younger, Healthier & Stress Free With The Ability To Tap Into Your Limitless Creative Imagination At A Touch Of A Button.
Now Play Close Attention If You Have Any of Any Of These Symptoms:
You find it hard to get to sleep at night, often wake up with low energy and often feel sick and tired

You feel overwhelmed with stress, want to regain your creative spark and make a personal breakthrough.
You are concerned with memory loss and your mind is not as sharp as it used to be.

You believe in the potential to activate dormant powers of the mind, create synchronicities and superhuman abilities.
Imagine being able to walk into any pharmacy and choose a pill that instantly gives YOU the deepest restorative sleep, evaporates stress, sparks your creativity and brings you profound states of meditation, but with absolutely no side effects.
Sounds far fetched but stay with me as it is very possible to get these results without needing any drugs or pills, and with only beneficial side effects like better health and happiness, when you learn to take control of your brain using the power of Trypliminal Affirmations technology.
Dr Millett,

I have over 15 years of experience as a therapist and Trypnaural is my first choice for getting incredibly deep and therapeutic trance states with my clients.
David Bentley,

I have been making relaxation recordings for mental self help and health improvement since 1979. As a pathfinder in EEG ( brainwave monitoring and entrainment ) I understand totally the effects of sound and music on the human mind and body. The recordings offered from your website are without doubt some of the most effective I have ever used and recommend them to my clients whole heartedly
Niraj's Story
My name is Niraj Naik, an ex pharmacist turned natural health advocate, digital nomad, prolific musician and serial entrepreneur.
Learning meditation and enhancing the meditative experience with sound technology, is not just a passion of mine, but its an obsession.

Once you realize the true amazing health benefits of deep meditation using brainwave entrainment technology, you get hooked and want to do it more and more…

Working in a cubicle environment myself for many years, I know the stress and negative health impact involved with such a lifestyle.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with a stress related illness that left me housebound for over 10 months. After discovering a simple set of stress reduction techniques that combines lifestyle changes with music, brainwave entrainment and meditation, I managed to recover without the need for long-term medication.

I also discovered how these same techniques could be used to awaken dormant powers of your mind giving you more clarity, focus and creativity.

This turned me into an evangelist for helping others reduce stress using the same methods. I knew what would really help my clients including myself is a healthy dose of yoga, meditation and a good night’s sleep.

In the past I would have to direct them to methods of meditation that would take hours to do and was just not practical to fit into their busy corporate lives, and what happened?….

Very few people could actually keep it up. Those who did obviously had enjoyed fantastic benefits to their health. But I wanted to make it easier for people to meditate and basically just chill out for once in their crazy hectic lives!!

I was one of those people too, suffering from stress of working long hours and often doing the kind of work I really hated.

But then I discovered brainwave entrainment technology.

I tried many of the popular meditation programs out there using embedded brainwave entrainments and I have to say they did work, but you still had to do it for hours and hours to get any real effects from it.

The whole brainwave entrainment and meditation industry needed a serious revamp to bring it back up to the 21st century.

That is where I wanted to bridge the gap…

Being a respected health and wellness expert in the UK and a music producer , I wanted to combine my skills to produce a meditation technology that anyone can do….

….And that would only require a few minutes of your day.
Get Access To 7 Levels Of Brain Stimulation
Raising The Vibrational Energy Of Your Brain For More Health, Wealth & Happiness

Deep Delta System

If insomnia or getting to sleep at night is an issue then you this 50 minute trypnaural brainwave entrainment session, designed to give you the most soothing, still and restful experience you will ever have by taking you into the deepest level of delta.

Alpha/Theta Healing

This session will help you in your journey to recovery from any chronic stress related condition. The alpha/theta cross is associated with the healing state where this 50 minute session will take you for profound self healing and relaxation.

Instant Stress Relief

This session will help you in your journey to recovery from any chronic stress related condition. The alpha/theta cross is associated with the healing state where this 50 minute session will take you for profound self healing and relaxation.

Alpha Awakening

Awaken your mind to the profound powers of the alpha brainwave level. Get an instant burst of creativity to attract genius ideas and activate out of the box thinking to solve complex problems.

Midbrain Power

Your midbrain connects both your left and right hemispheres of your brain. It is also the seat of your pineal gland and pituitary gland, masters controllers of your endocrines system. By stimulating your midbrain using this special brainwave audio you can awaken dormant functions of your ‘third eye’ and activate whole brain potential for greater intuition, confidence, mental clarity and cognitive function.

Dream Tapping

If you are looking to solve a problem, spark your creativity, download inspiration ideas or experience things like lucid dreaming and astral projection then this 50 minute brainwave session will take you to the mystical Key Of OM. This is a deep 4hz theta level where the dream world awakens and you can tap into the power of your creative imagination.

Gamma Power

This is a 30 minute Trypnaural Gamma session for peak concentration, inspiration and personal power. This track was produced inside the world’s largest meditation pyramid in Bangalore, India, The apex of a pyramid symbolises the highest level of integrity, knowledge and power. The apex of human brainwave frequencies are called Gamma waves of 24hz and higher. They have been associated with peak concentration, and your brains optimal cognitive functioning. This track will take you to the highest levels of gamma and beyond.
Estela Rodriguez Jebril

I LOVE this meditation! How wonderful. I feel so peaceful and deeply connected to that powerful, esthetic place in me, that I am. I look forward to using this every early morning.
Dr Tera Maxwell

Oh my God, that was so powerful!!! So much moved and opened up. It is all happening!!!
Including Scientifically Proven Breathwork Techniques That Magnifies The Power Of Meditation
In Breathobics you will learn powerful breathwork techniques that I developed after my own self healing experience from a chronic illness and then later from training with the super human Wim Hof based on the ancient science of breathwork called Pranayama.
Pranayama literally means control of life force. When you breathe you create an electrical flow of energy through your body.

When you breathe consciously you can learn to control this energy flow and channel it for various purposes. When you further combine this with hypnotic music and tribal rhythms using an audio visual brainwave technology called Trypnaural, real magic happens.

You can literally create an energy inside your soul that is so radiant and powerful you can produce ecstatic states of magnetising energy to literally bend reality how you want, create strength, happiness, download visions and even heal parts of your body.

You will also learn simple breathwork techniques that will dramatically enhance the power of the Trypnaural technology.
  • Extended Exhalation Breathwork - this technique will help you switch of stress on command, flood your body with vital oxygen and create higher levels of mental clarity and calm.
  • Power Breathing - this technique will magnify your alpha,theta and gamma brainwaves, boosting your feel good hormones for higher states of consciousness, more energy, vitality, focus and confidence.
  • Whole Brain Breathwork - this technique will harmonise both left and right hemispheres of the brain awakening its potential.
  • Midbrain Buzz - this technique will stimulate the reptilian center of your brain awakening its serpent power for deeper intuition, insight and cognitive power.
This video is exactly what I needed to see to break it down and visually show me what to do while doing this technique!! Very powerful stuff. The next 90 days are going to be great!!!
- Jamie Boggeln
After living 20 years in a religious commune, I learned in more in one session with Niraj than all my time there. He is my guru
- Daniel Wagner
Instantly Access The Complete Brain Stimulation System For
$299 $147
100% Risk Free
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Featuring Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation
The Most Cutting Edge Brainwave Entrainment Music & Meditations Perfect For Therapists, Sound Healers & Anyone Who Wants To Go Deeper With Meditation In A Faster Time.
  • Results In A Faster Time - works in 15 minutes or less
  •  Reduce stress, enjoy deep sleep, be more focused, increase mind power, even start or expand your business with the resell license 
  •  Side Effect Free - meditation is proven to help with depression, ADHD, high blood pressure without side effects.
NASA Scientists Test Trypnaural
Haritha, Pyramid Valley

I meditated with your serotonin sunrise meditation music and chanted my mantra to it. This experience was too profound. It was so overwhelming that I don't know what sadness or longing memory got triggered in my subconscious mind that made me cry. I have no words to explain. It was such an emotional release and I felt so connected to the universal consciousness. Thanks so much for such music.
John, USA

I would like to give you a big digital hug of gratitude for your unbelievable brainwave entrainment music. I have used nearly every program I could find starting almost 5 years ago ranging from Hemi-sync, Holo-sync, BMV, Yogic Sound, and several others, but none of them compare to the sheer brilliance and efficacy of your work.
How Trypnaural Ultra Works

During my own personal research I discovered a strange relationship between music, brainwaves and the harmonic pulse of our planet known as the Schumann Resonance.

I discovered that music played with a hypnotic arpeggiated groove at 120bpm and 60bpm would sync perfectly with alpha and theta brainwaves and the Earth's magnetic pulse. 

This is what led to the development of my brand new style of brainwave entrainment that is more musical and works much faster than anything else online.
How Trypnaural B.E Works

Trypnaural meditations use the most effective and current of all brainwave entrainment technologies available today called 'Isochronic Tones'
Highest Quality Audio Format

Instantly download all the content in the highest quality 320kbps mp3 format that is the closest you will find to CD quality. (most other sites use inferior 128kbps mp3s that actually cause stress on the brain due to low audio quality)
Hypno-Fractal Videos

Hypno-fractal videos have embedded geo-metric imagery to help you focus your mediative power. There are 2 powerful geometric mandalas, one is the Sri Yantra a powerful 5000 year old symbol. 

The other is the Flower of Life, an equally ancient symbol which contains the entire spectrum of mathematics needed for the creation of life itself. By meditating on these 2 symbols at any time you can boost the power of your meditations, increase alpha waves production and focus your intention and concentration.
Trypnaural vs Binaural Beats?
For many thousands of years spiritual sages, rishis, yogis, shamans, monks, whatever you would like to call them, have been perfecting the process of meditation to induce deep meditative states.
They would have to spend many hours a day of quieting the mind and controlling their brainwave states.
This is just not practical for most people to do in their hectic modern lifestyles. Fortunately with the advances of modern technology you can, using specially designed audio technology, train your minds to achieve whatever states you want just after a few short sessions.
The old method of doing this was using specially embedded binaural beats.
How Do Binaural Beats Work?
When you play two separate frequencies in each ear, say 140 Hz and 149 Hz, the difference in frequency is 9 hz. Your brain compensates for this difference and a third tone of 9 Hz is experienced. This will result in your brain being raised or lowered and tuned into the desired frequency. This is how binaural beats are produced. Headphones are essential for this to work. This is the least effective of all brainwave technologies.
Trypnaural meditations use the most effective and current of all brainwave entrainment technologies available today called “Isochronic Tones”
How Do Isochronic Tones Work?
These are by far the most powerful and effective brain trainers. They work by utilising equal intensity tones and increasing the pulse speed to synchronise your brain with the rhythm. The more distinct and clear wave from harmonises your brain much faster. The effects can be felt without headphones, but using them will greatly enhance the effects.

This actually mimics the same methods used by the ancient tribesman who would beat their drums to a special rhythm. But here it is specially designed to produce exactly the right frequencies in your brain to produce the desired benefits.
Will The Positive Effects Last Long?
The expertly crafted Trypnaural sessions are designed to not only help you have the deepest sleep you have ever experienced, but using the special 'Scientific Prayers' you can literally rewire your subconscious mind to boost your immune system and tune your mind for peak mental performance when you wake up the very next day.
How Do I Get The Most Benefit From Trypnaural Meditations?
To gain the full benefit of Trypnaural products it is recommend that you listen to it through stereo head phones (headphones not essential), making sure that you are lying or sitting comfortably in a safe environment. The best time to use these sessions are at night before you want to go to sleep.
Are There Any Side Effects Of Trypnaural?
There are no known side effects. If you are on medication or have any health concerns please speak to your doctor first.
Here Is What You Get Today
  •  7 Levels Of Cutting Edge Trypnaural Brainwave Audio Sessions ($97)
  •  7 Levels Of Mind Massaging Trypnaural Hypno-Fractal Sessions ($197) 
  •  2 Powerful Breathobics Exercises For Tapping Into Your Inner Power ($27) 
  •  Total Value ($321) Only Pay $99 Today
Instantly Access The Complete Brain Stimulation System For
$299 $147
100% Risk Free
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Johnny, USA Army

Being in the Army I have endured the hardest stress of my life. I always knew deep within me that I was different. I saw this in everyone else around me. I knew I had to unlock the power within me first before I could help everyone around me. Even just last night I fell asleep listening to Trypnaural meditations and was forced to awaken feeling different parts of my brain opening, and parts I have never felt before! So I know I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to! So thanks Trypnaural!
Vikaas, India

For the 1st time I heard their live music performance at The 6th GCSS (Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists) I was was not aware of what is going to be played. While meditating into this trance I don't know what happened to me & I was feeling wow, It was really different from all others I have heard before. It was totally an experience which cannot be explained in words. I would recommend Trypnaural to all who those want to go more deep onto meditation. Thank you amAya for making such incredible music.