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Chakra Healing System

Trypnaural B.E sessions tuned to each of the 7 main chakras for profound and deep chakra balancing and healing. You also get clear voice instruction that teaches you exactly how to say each sound and perform each chakra meditation correctly. Including a 1Hr full Chakra awakening session that takes you from your root up through every chakra point.
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Cosmic Relationships Of Sounds, Colors & States eBook
  • Chakra Healing & Balancing eBook
  • Relaxation & Breathing eBook
  • How To Balance Your Dosha eBook
  • Chakra Awakening Trypnaural Brainwave Session mp3
  • Instruction On How To Activate Each Chakra With Trypnaural mp3
  • 7x Trypnaural Chakra Brainwave Audios (30 mins each)
  • The Scientific AUM Meditation
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